S3 Web App

An improved, AI driven, project management platform.

Andreea (CTO) and Maxime (CEO) came up with the idea of an online platform to help every project manager achieve best results in the most efficient way possible.

Integrating the AI programmatically went to their side, but it couldn’t be coded until they had the right user interface and user experience aligned to the user’s needs.

We started by discovering the pain points in what they had already coded and we planned for a hollistic approach.

We got insights from their competitors and planned an architecture for a good user experience.

End of the day, the goal of the platform is to get a clear overview of projects and see what is on track and prioritise what goes over the deadline.

The goal is to manage deadlines and keep everyone and everything in the loop. Also the looks is what gets people to keep using the app. Also the ease of use and anticipation of actions. Got grids?

It’s responsive

The new on-boarding & user flow.


Victory Cup

Mini football is the new football!

Even the best competition of indoor mini football in Romania, can be improved.

By working closely with Dragos Buzatu, the managing partner of Victory Cup and Supreme for web development, we revamped their glorious platform that needs to accomodate over 1000 player profiles and weekly match standings for Victory Cup’s 9th edition. So basically we redesigned and build everything from the ground, minus the logo.

Logo design for mini football Leagues and Cup setting the path for a sporty branding.

From wireframe to web design and patterns