Different Cut

Fashion? Designer clothing? Outlaw? You are Different!

Our great workmates at DifferentCut have trusted us to rebrand and uplift their business to another level.

Long story short, they were going for an ecommerce website for their different cut clothes, pun intended, and a way to get rid of the past logo after 5 years of activity from the market’s memory.

Adding to one’s retina a bright passionate pure red was the first bold decision they had to accept from us.

Make it evident, make it clear, make it different. Handmade clothing has a different feel, so is the keyvisual.

After one year since the ecommerce website launch, Different Cut managed over 1.100 custom products sold and a conversion rate above Romania fashion market’s average (1.3%) with extra 0.3% due to well done webdesign and trusted branding. Our data shows an excelent bounce rate of 42% and one delighted client.


Victory Cup

Mini football is the new football!

Even the best competition of indoor mini football in Romania, can be improved.

By working closely with Dragos Buzatu, the managing partner of Victory Cup and Supreme for web development, we revamped their glorious platform that needs to accomodate over 1000 player profiles and weekly match standings for Victory Cup’s 9th edition. So basically we redesigned and build everything from the ground, minus the logo.

Logo design for mini football Leagues and Cup setting the path for a sporty branding.

From wireframe to web design and patterns