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Creating design for design minded companies.

When we first started, late in 2017, we realised there is a need of doing better things alltogether in our local market. So while diving in, it helped us discover a lot of missing terms from this emerging market in our digitalized times. Terms like user centric design and design thinking for a starter.

As we are always looking to find innovative ways of achieving the best results, it hit us: we need to find a way to explain and apply our most valuable asset, the mindset. Meet Daniel Belu and Mihai Marincea, the creative founders.

We find innovative digital technologies and help clients integrate design in their business.

Our Values

So we're a small design studio.

It means we carefully craft and take care of every detail as we are doing for our own studio.

Being a small studio comes with advantages as well. We are obliged to following a certain process in our projects, otherwise we would be lost. And we take our time when it comes for fun and our talkative self beings.

And back to business, we always start with a list of our favourite questions that help us understand the needs and resources suited for the future project.

We do a fair share of research, we brainstorm and doodle, then sketch and define. It’s always time for emails and the trilogy of online communication: whatsapp, skype and hangouts. Also phones, we do that too. We build, we play, we test and discuss, iterate yeah. And that is just the beginning.

Our Expertise


This is where we discuss ideas and find value in your project. Fast forward, you will have an organised overview and solutions to rely on.


Taking the doodles to the next step. Together we add final touches and that is no secret to a successful design.


We have the knowledge to stir the project to the right direction from the start, so this is just a matter of time, skills and logic.

We are also users

How we get paid

Fixed Price per Project

We estimate the time and resources for the project and keep you updated with the progress. This model is ideal for well defined projects and a fixed budget.

Work with us

Studio Fee

You can plan around by observing real time work and monthly timesheets. This is optimal for ongoing projects that are difficult to predict.

Work with us
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